Keltenmuseum Hochdorf/Enz

Ein Jahrhundertfund und sein Museum



The Celtic Museum 

A Find of the Century and Its Museum

2500 Years Ago – On the heights south of the Enz River a magnificent burial takes place.
Within a large wooden chamber a man is laid to rest, his wealth and status attested by the
splendid grave goods that follow him into the tomb. The gravesite is quickly covered a huge
mound visible from a long way off.

1978 – Although the burial mound had worn away long ago, the grave is rediscovered!
It has remained undisturbed for centuries! Careful excavation with the latest techniques and
the following years of research work allow the burial chamber with its magnificent furnishings
to be reconstructed in every detail.

1991 – The Hochdorf Celtic Museum is opened. It is dedicated to the "Celtic Prince of Hochdorf",
his times and his culture. Standing at the burial chamber today we experience the funeral in all
its magnificence just like the contemporaries of the Celtic prince did 2500 years ago. Well over
half a million visitors have allowed themselves to be transported back in time to the age of the
Celts at the original site – in the museum of the find of the century in Hochdorf.