Keltenmuseum Hochdorf/Enz

Ein Jahrhundertfund und sein Museum



Directions and Parking

our address:

Keltenstr. 2
71735 Eberdingen-Hochdorf
Tel. 07042/78911


Museum: 48° 53.342'N, 9° 0.210'E 
Burial mound: 48° 53.329'N, 9° 0.580'E

There is parking for busses and cars at the museum.

The trip can be made on public transportation. Busses depart from the following rail stations:

  • Stuttgart Feuerbach
  • Stuttgart Zuffenhausen (Ohmstr.)
  • Bahnhof Vaihingen/Enz Rail Station (Serviced by regional rail, IC und ICE)

Depending on the direction from which you are coming and the day of the week,
the following bus stops are available for you as destinations:

  • Hochdorf, Keltenmuseum
  • Hochdorf, Rathaus, Eberdingen (5 min on foot to the Museum)

Transportation schedule information in German for the greater Stuttgart area:

Bus stop Keltenmuseum 

Bus stop Rathaus Hochdorf (5 minutes on foot to the museum)

General rail transportation schedule information in major languages